As of 2018, we have renamed ourselves the Japanese Youth Access Calgary in order to better reflect what we do. We will continue to offer information regarding Japanese related events and activities that happens in Calgary. However, we are no longer accepting members to our organization. We are now only serving as a Social Media information provider. Please continue to follow us for more interesting information regarding Japanese things in Calgary, Alberta.


The Japanese Youth Association of Calgary (JYAC) have been founded in January of 2011. It has been started by the current chair, Mai Nagao, to create a purely youth-based Japanese community organization. Starting from students of Calgary Japanese Language School, the member has grown rapidly since its foundation. Many of JYAC’s activities are volunteer based, helping out in various events held at the Calgary Nikkei Cultural & Senior Centre and other locations in Calgary. JYAC is hoping to increase its member and allow itself to start and organize its own events and activities directed towards youths in Calgary. For more information or questions about joining, please contact: jyacalgary@gmail.com