JYAC is proud to introduce its official mascots/spokespersons! Don’t forget to greet them wherever you see them! (Don’t worry. They all speak both English and Japanese very fluently!) 🙂

Jyac Mapleton

Hi everybody! My name is Jyac! (like “Jack”) I was born and raised in Calgary. My mother is Canadian and my father is Japanese, so I have the pleasure of appreciating both worlds! I’ve been learning Japanese since I was very little, so I consider myself to be fairly bilingual. I love sports! (Especially snowboarding!) Everybody calls me a geek cuz I like math and science, and I always get more than 90% on all my tests, but I can be pretty cool too! (Well, maybe that’s just me talking….) Anyways, pleasure to meet you all!

Cayj Sakurada

 Konnichiwa~! I’m Cayj, (pronounced kai-j) but everybody calls me Cayj-tan! I was born in Japan, and I always wanted to come to Canada to enjoy its beautiful nature, culture and people! Now that I’m here, I am sooo excited to learn new things! I practiced my English very hard; I hope I don’t sound too bad…whenever I screw up, Jyac is always there to help me with my English. (Slangs are sometimes so confusing…) Please teach me everything about Canada, and I’ll teach you alot about Japan! Yoroshikune! (^O^)/