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We’ll be at Otafest this year on Sat, May 21st. You’re more than welcomed to join us! I’ll try to post some pictures after the event.


Asian Heritage Month

May is Asian Heritage Month and the Asian Heritage Foundation and imaginASIAN has lots and lots AND LOTS of events going on throughout the month.

Check out the Around Calgary page under May. Many of these events are FREE ADMISSION so don’t miss out!!



This page will be in both English and Japanese, but it takes time to translate everything….your patience is greatly appreciated! このサイトは英語・日本語の二ヶ国語にする予定ですが、翻訳に少々時間が掛かる為、皆様のご了承をお願いします。


Under Construction 工事中

This site is still under construction. Please kindly wait patiently! このサイトは現在工事中です。ご了承下さい!

Welcome! ようこそ!

Welcome to the new JYAC blog/website!

Here, I will be including updated information on JYAC and other Japanese community activities, so keep your eyes peeled!

Also, we will post various information about Japanese culture and entertainment, so check back often!